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Item No.: Bumblebee
Item Name: Bumblebee ARF
Features: Fuselage with carbon fiber + engineering plastics; Super convenient landing gear design, rapid folding
Description: The Bumblebee is a cool quad copter. It's almost entirely made of woven carbon fiber that not only looks amazing, but is strong and lightweight at the same time. It has a clever folding frame design that will allow you fold the frame flat in just seconds to store in a case or easily fit it in the backseat of your car.
Color: Black
Package Size


Fuselage with carbon fiber + engineering plastics; 
Super convenient landing gear design, rapid folding; 
Easy to carry, to save storage space; 

Flight Control: bumblebee
Flight Control supports flight mode: Ten X; 
Manual mode and gesture mode can be switched with each other; 
Gesture mode given high stability augmentation functions. 

 Manual mode l attitude mode l height lock (optional) 
Out of control to protect the self-balancing landing 

Breaking the rod to start, stop types are divided into immediate mode and intelligent mode 
The remote parameter adjustment for l voltage detection and low pressure alarm l self-test indicates that the bit indicates l rocker (only gesture mode, manual no light) l four-channel remote control support (U mouth from time to insert the default stance mode) 
Software programming the flight control post-expansion space for online upgrade service: compass GPS autopilot

Model: Hornet (BUMBLEBEE 550) 
Wheelbase: 550mm 
Empty Weight: 890g (not include: batteries, receiver) 
Suggested that the safe take-off weight 1200g - 1600g 
Brushless motor: 910KV value of 3 512 (stator diameter 28mmx12mm) 
ESC: 20A (high-speed ESC) 
Propeller 10 x 3.8 ° 
Recommended batteries LiPo (3S 2200mAh ~ 5500mAh discharge coefficient> 20C) 

Flight time: more than 10 points (Battery: 3S 2800mAh) 



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